Mad Studies Genealogy and Praxis

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Lucy Costa
Lori Ross


The opinions, writings, artwork, and cultural production of academics and non-academic mental health service users/survivors form the basis of what we have come to understand as Mad Studies. In this essay, we introduce what we mean by Mad Studies “praxis" (i.e., theory-informed action) in the hopes of clarifying the distinction between other similar frameworks doing social justice/anti-oppression work. Our argument is that Mad Studies praxis gives us a specific multi-vocal vocabulary for advancing our understanding, critical analyses, and emancipatory projects which build on the interdependence between academic and community activism. Mad Studies has a rich theoretical praxis based on its enduring historical, intellectual, and community-centered mobilisation despite criticisms and challenges.

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Costa, L., & Ross, L. (2022). Mad Studies Genealogy and Praxis . International Mad Studies Journal, 1(1), e1–8.
IMSJ Vol. 1 No. 1 January 2023