Stories of the Silenced Manifesto and Mad Studies an experience of biomedicine and mental health

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Rachael McMahon


This paper delves into a discussion about my experience of living with schizoaffective disorder and how I am shackled by biomedicine.  This paper outlines a series of concepts that, like Mad Studies, emancipates and provides a commensurable space for mental health service users to have a voice and to be heard.  The discourse which promotes this space is what I call the Silenced Manifesto.  Throughout this paper, I unpack the meaning of the Silenced Manifesto which builds upon the importance of the discipline of Mad Studies. Ultimately, this paper is about the effects of biomedicine on my mental health.  Firstly, I discuss the method used in my research, that is autoethnography. Then, I give a background of the concepts of the Silenced Manifesto and Mad Studies, the theoretical backbones of the paper.  Then, I back up my argument with a narrative of what it is like to be a cog in the wheel of biomedicine. In particular, a narrative on how I am labelled and assessed and therapeutically treated within the biomedical paradigm. And I query if biomedicine and its scientific arm of psychiatry are in fact applicable and appropriate to mental health, its diagnosis and definition and its treatment.

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McMahon, R. (2022). Stories of the Silenced Manifesto and Mad Studies: an experience of biomedicine and mental health. International Mad Studies Journal, 1(1), e1–17.
IMSJ Vol. 1 No. 1 January 2023