Letter From the Editor

Inaugural Address



As this is our inaugural issue, I think it’s only appropriate to share how we got here and to thank all those who helped bring our student open access journal to fruition. 

For the past few years, the professional librarians in the Learning Resource Centre have been working with Faculty to fully develop the digital information literacy competencies of our students – to help students succeed in their academic lives, their future healthcare professional lives, and as life-long learners.  Having a critical approach, understanding the value of information creation and dissemination, recognizing authoritative sources, and approaching literature searches like strategic exploration are all elements of the framework for the conversation of scholarship and are all competencies we seek to instill in our students through our digital information literacy workshops and consultations.  It was in the course of this work that a faculty member came to us, commenting on the increased quality of the assignments being submitted by her students as a result of the LRC workshops and lamenting the lack of venue where our students writing and other works could be showcased.  We had also been discussing our students’ research capacity – and how to help prepare them for their roles in furthering their professions through scholarly communications.  Why not develop an open access journal, shepherded by the LRC and focused on the contributions of Michener students to showcase their work?  Thus Mich: The Student Journal of the Michener Institute was born.   

Of course, nothing is that easy.  Graham Lavender, our Associate Librarian, was essential in negotiating the OJS platform on which the journal is built.  Tom Blennerhassett came on board as our Scholarly Communications Librarian to manage the OAJ project.  Michener Faculty embraced the idea of promoting our students’ best work – and were the first step in the production by nominating the student articles that came forward.  Several Michener staff members served as our project team, the editorial committee – and general sounding board.  And, of course, the Michener students who were excited by the opportunity to share their scholarship were essential to this inaugural issue.  (P.S. It was the Michener students who chose the name Mich for this journal!  It is truly their work.)

-Juanita Richardson

Manager, Learning Resource Centre




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